Our community will not forget the devastating impact of the GOP tax bill

GOP Tax bill voteToday Congressional Republicans pushed through a “historically bad piece of legislation” that cements the GOP leadership and Trump administration’s war on children. That is because the party-line GOP tax bill vote sends a massively unpopular “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” to President Trump that  clearly puts the future of our children and our country at stake.

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Tell Your Senators to Save the Child Tax Credit!

The Senate this week is expected to vote on a proposal by New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte (R) that would eliminate the Child Tax Credit for children of immigrant parents, specifically those who pay their tax bills using an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

The Child Tax Credit is one of oure more successful anti-poverty programs, but if Sen. Ayotte has her way more than five million children living in America today would suffer. Sen. Ayotte’s amendment focuses its attack on the Latino community—over four million of the affected children are Latino.


Don’t let Sen. Ayotte strip our children and their parents from this much needed credit. Call your Senators today at 888.853.7037 and tell them to vote NO on eliminating the Child Tax Credit for immigrant parents who need it to provide for their children!