Parents Share Dreams for Their Children


Images of nurtured seedlings growing into huge, strong trees or of a house with a strong foundation where the furnishings include love, respect, confidence, and communication might not represent parent engagement in education at first glance. But for a group of parents at our Affiliate Southwest Key in Austin, Texas, this is what came to mind. The group was part of the Padres Comprometidos parent engagement program meeting late last month. We asked them to think of images depicting what it means to be involved in their children’s education, and all of the representations depicted a cradle-to-career path that parents aspire for their children.

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One Teacher’s Experience with the Leadership Institute for Latino Literacy

By Angelica Lara, Teacher, East Austin College Prep           

SF LOGO horz[1]I cannot believe it has almost been a year since I applied to present at the 2015 Leadership Institute for Latino Literacy (LILL), generously supported by State Farm. I am so grateful for the opportunity to present to other teachers and administrators on the topic of digital literacy. I have to admit this is the first educational institute I had ever applied to and very appreciative to have been selected along with another teacher. I believe this experience provided me the opportunity to network with other educators and facilitate excellent discussions on classroom resources, techniques, and current research.


Another aspect I certainly appreciated was the opportunity to work with Dr. James Gee, an expert on computer science and video gaming. It was inspiring to hear his research and words of wisdom about digital literacy in today’s age. To this day I still remind not only myself but my students of the importance of the simplicity of paper and pencils, which are also examples of technology, something that Dr. Gee made sure to state during his keynote speech. In this digital age, we get caught up with the latest and greatest technology, but I believe we sometimes forget where it all started. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, technology is “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.” Technology can come in many forms.

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