GOP Tax Plan Rewards Wealthy at Expense of Working Families

The tax plan released today by House Republicans has generated negative reactions from advocate groups, academics, journalists, Democratic lawmakers, and even one Republican senator. The GOP tax plan would give a shameful deficit-busting tax cut to the wealthiest Americans at the expense of working families.

UnidosUS is committed to ensuring that the tax code puts more money in workers’ pockets. That’s why we’re opposed to any plan that robs families of their hard-earned money in order to line the pockets of the already wealthy.

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Join Our Chat On Latinos and Nutrition This Friday!


NCLR is teaming up with our friends at Voices for Healthy Kids and the bloggers at MomsRising for a moderated Twitter chat on how nutrition can help Latino families live healthier lives. We’ll be part of MomsRising’s weekly #FoodFri chat.

During this discussion, we’ll talk about the importance of having all children enter kindergarten at a healthy weight, and the policy and program opportunities available to help achieve this goal. Too many Latino children enter kindergarten at an unhealthy weight, which can affect a child’s ability to learn and can lead to health problems later in life. This chat also presents an opportunity to look at this problem holistically, discussing the barriers Latino children currently face in achieving a healthy weight, and the role that public policy and programs at all levels can have in addressing this critical issue.

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#RacismIsntFunny Campaign Launched in Wake of Trump SNL Guest Host Announcement

Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. Photo: Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. Photo: Gage Skidmore

Racism isn’t funny. Unfortunately, not everyone at NBC seems to agree. The network’s hit late-night sketch-comedy show, Saturday Night Live, announced recently that Donald Trump would host the November 7 episode.

It was a surprising turn of events, given Mr. Trump’s incendiary comments about Latinos that he made in his presidential campaign announcement, which led NBC decided to end its business ties with the real estate mogul.

“NBC made the right decision last June to sever its ties with Trump over his blatantly anti-Latino campaign announcement. Since then he has only gotten worse and more divisive, so this change of heart is even more troubling,” said NCLR President and CEO Janet Murguía in a statement.

In response, NCLR has joined with America’s Voice, Latino Rebels, and other groups in a new campaign, #RacismIsntFunny, to put pressure on NBC to cancel Mr. Trump’s appearance on the popular TV show. You can lend your support at

Just this week, Rep. Louis Gutierrez (D–Ill.) took to the House floor to highlight the new campaign and to call on NBC to pull the plug on Trump’s appearance.

“It is especially galling that this golden opportunity for Trump to mainstream his message of hate has come from a show that in its 40-year history has had just two Hispanic cast members, has never had a Latina cast member on the show yet has consistently engaged in Latina stereotyping over the years, and has brushed aside our community’s concerns when we have pointed that out,” said Murguía.

NCLR Affiliates Meet in Philadelphia for 2014 Peer Exchange

This week, members of the NCLR Affiliate Network gathered in Philadelphia for the 2014 NCLR Affiliate Peer Exchange. For two days, Affiliates reconnected with others from around the country and re-discovered the array of skills to be found within our network of 300 community-based organizations.

This year, participants focused on how to grow and nurture a data-driven culture in their organizations. Case studies were presented and they heard from experts in the field, all in the name of growing the impact of Latino nonprofits.

The two-day meeting ended today. Below are some highlights from the event.

The Peer Exchange began with a tour of Philadelphia’s famed mural arts scene.The focus was on Latino mural arts.

Philadelphia Mural Tour #NCLRPX @NCLR @Congreso1977 A photo posted by @groman28 on

After the Mural Arts tour, it was time to get down to business.

After a long day of art and talk of data-driven culture, NCLRPX attendees ended with a community reception.

Vanguard Principal Alba Martinez and Comcast VP Maria Arias join #NCLRPX Community Reception.

A photo posted by Congreso de Latinos Unidos (@congreso1977) on

¡Liderazgo Latino! Johnny Irizarry, Casa Latina @ Penn and Maria Gonzalez, President of HACE. #NCLRPX #Congreso1977 A photo posted by Congreso de Latinos Unidos (@congreso1977) on

#PHL #Latino Legacy: Pedro Ramos, Alba Martinez, Dr. Carmen Febo, and Romy Diaz. #NCLRPX #Congreso1977

A photo posted by Congreso de Latinos Unidos (@congreso1977) on

Day two of the Peer Exchange began with a tour of North Philly neighborhoods.

Edwin Desamour of MIMIC helping #NCLRPX put community in perspective.

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#NCLRPX tours the reality of Latino Philly…the beautiful murals, the amazing organizations…and the distress.

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After the neighborhood tour, attendees prepared for their meeting with some Harambe!

Great energy after the Harambe at #NCLRPX this morning! @congreso1977 A video posted by NCLR (@nclr) on

After a tour of Philadelphia Affiliate Congreso and the Pan American Academy Charter school, it was time to close the event.

We thank all of our great Affiliates who were able to join us in Philadelphia. To find out more about our Affiliate Network and the amazing work they do, visit the NCLR website.