What’s with the Red Nose?

By Kaitlyn Maloney, Development Associate, NCLR

RND_blog1I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there have been a lot of pics floating around the Internet of people wearing these weird red noses. Bizarre new fad, or marketing genius? It turns out the reason people are playing around on social media is to raise money for charity.

FUN-raising is more than just a silly pun; it’s a business strategy. Everyone enjoys having fun, and when you can combine that fun with a good cause and raise money for a charity you care about, it gets even better!

Red Nose Day has long been a tradition in the U.K., but only made its U.S. debut last year. Harnessing the mighty power of comedy, celebrities and corporations loan their time, money, and skills to the fantabulous cause of supporting children and teens in the United States and around the world.

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I Am at NCLR Because of My Momma’s Love!

By Antonio Caro, NCLR Fundraising Consultant

Antonio 1.

A very young Antonio with his mother. Photo: Antonio Caro.

I remember mornings in the Caro home. The rhythm of Joe Arroyo’s claves, accompanied by the clash of pots and pans and the scuffling sound of my mother’s chancletas clacking to the rhythm of the music. It was in this busy mashup of cultura where Latino cultural awareness, pride, and advocacy began coursing through my veins. More importantly, it was in this home I saw my mother work to create a brighter future for my siblings and me. Home is the source of my passion and where I fuel my excitement to walk through the doors of NCLR.

As a first-generation Colombian-American, I grew up in a low-income household led by a single-mother in Silver Spring, Md. When I was young, my greatest fear was that someday my mother would buckle under the pressure of the stress of raising three kids, juggling three jobs, and taking care of the family’s finances. However, my siblings and I witnessed her combat obstacle after obstacle.

Whether it was workplace discrimination, bankruptcy, racial profiling, or anxiety, my mother managed to overcome every pitfall. Her success was a result of a lot of elbow grease paired with the help from NCLR Affiliates like Mary’s Center. With their assistance, my mother received the support she needed to put me and my siblings through college.


Antonio at NCLR Headquarters in Washington.

My mother’s love and perseverance still ignites my passion for promoting human dignity and advocating for the voiceless. This passion led to my involvement with the Hispanic Cultural Association, which I led as president at my alma mater, Mount St. Mary’s University. It eventually helped me get to NCLR.

At NCLR I’m the one who is able to spark passion. Here, I support the community-based organizations that help families like my own. I can advocate for the voiceless. I can inspire others to support the Latino community—just like my mom did for me.

I am honored to represent an organization that impacts the lives of millions of families nationwide—families like mine, dreaming and fighting for a brighter future.

Antonio Caro is a fundraising consultant with NCLR. Under his guidance, NCLR is helping connect donors to the issues and causes they care the most about. Join him today by becoming an NCLR Amigo. Visit www.nclr.org/donate.

Making Sure All Have Access to Health Care

This year, gift-giving is not just for the family. By giving to NCLR, you are making a gift to millions of Latinos who you have yet to meet. On this #GivingTuesday, give a gift to your neighbor and make a new amigo.


NCLR’s programming ensures that Latinos have access to opportunities that will enrich their lives. Most recently, thanks to our new national campaign, ¡Inscríbete!, we’ve been working to guarantee that all who are eligible for health insurance get covered.

Over 10.2 million Latinos are eligible for health coverage. Can you help us inform them?  Support NCLR and give the gift of health!