Republicans’ New Tax Framework Robs the Poor and Gives to the Rich

By Yuqi Wang, Policy Analyst, Economic Policy Project

Unfortunately for the millions of individuals and families who continue to feel the brunt of stagnating wages, eroded overtime policies, and a flatlining federal minimum wage, the newest tax framework that has been proposed would only make it more difficult for them to make ends meet. The Trump administration and Congressional Republicans’ latest tax reform framework threatens to exacerbate working families’ struggles, providing massive tax cuts to wealthy individuals and corporations disguised as a plan to help the working class.

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Advance Your Career at UnidosUS

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The UnidosUS familia is currently searching for talent to fill a couple of positions in our Washington DC Headquarters office and in our Los Angeles regional office. Take a look at the announcements below and if you’re ready to join our team, follow the instructions for applying.

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Communications Manager

Office Administrator, Los Angeles

After Hurricane Maria, UnidosUS Affiliates Assist New Arrivals from Puerto Rico

Latino Leadership in partnership with Turin Aviation taking provisions to La Perla in Puerto Rico.

According to Puerto Rico’s government’s website, only 17% of Puerto Rico’s residents have electricity and only 64% have water. As Puerto Rico continues to struggle in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, organizations on the mainland are preparing for the unexpected relocation of family and friends to the states. As many as 200,000 of the 3.5 million Americans in Puerto Rico could resettle in states where they have family ties, including Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania, according to Dr. Edwin Meléndez, Director of Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños and a member of UnidosUS’s Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.

UnidosUS Affiliates are leading work to help families make a smooth transition to the states.  Latino Leadership in Orlando, Florida was among the first to bring our attention to these families’ needs, and is spearheading efforts to support those who arrive in Orlando, where they expect as many as 100,000 from the island. Through a partnership with the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Latino Leadership established the Puerto Rico Family Response Center at the Orlando airport, in order to help reunify families in Florida, and provide adequate services to help them transition and restart their lives. This partnership brings together a unique network of resources as well as the support and trust of the Latino community in Florida.

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Unidos por Houston y Miami: El rol de las organizaciones comunitarias en las actividades de ayuda en situaciones catastróficas

Los Afiliados de UnidosUS están ayudando a que las familias se levanten más fuertes después de los devastadores huracanes Harvey e Irma

Después de que los huracanes Harvey e Irma azotaran Texas y Florida, las organizaciones comunitarias—incluso miembros de la Red de Afiliados de UnidosUS—trabajaron con las familias damnificadas para cubrir las lagunas entre los recursos disponibles a través del gobierno federal y local y las necesidades de las comunidades. Estas organizaciones locales, en las que sus comunidades confían, fueron socios fundamentales para las agencias de asistencia en caso de desastre como la Cruz Roja Americana para prestar servicios culturalmente adecuados y lingüísticamente apropiados a las familias.

Las familias latinas—especialmente las recién llegadas o las que viven en comunidades rurales o remotas—enfrentaron dificultades únicas después de estos dos huracanes. Por ejemplo, no todas tenían conocimiento de la ayuda y los recursos que estaban disponibles a través de los programas del gobierno de EE.UU., tales como FEMA, el Programa de Asistencia Suplementaria de Nutrición (SNAP, por sus siglas en inglés) y la división local del Departamento de Servicios para Familias y Niños, o entendían el proceso para conseguir asistencia en casos catastróficos como estos.

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Beyond DREAMERS: DACAmented Homeowners Are Here to Stay

By Agatha So, Policy Analyst, UnidosUS

On September 5, the president announced that he would rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Since 2012, DACA has provided hundreds of thousands of undocumented youth with opportunities to get an education and a good job without fear of deportation. The president’s announcement suddenly placed the lives of nearly 800,000 workers, students, and homeowners in the United States in limbo. Now, gains that these young immigrants were able to make due to the program are in jeopardy.

Homeownership is one of the many gains DACA recipients have achieved since the program began. In a 2015 survey of more than 1,700 DACA recipients, more than half reported getting their first credit card, and 12 percent had a mortgage or had their name on their family’s lease. DACA opened up opportunities for young immigrants to establish a formal record of work and credit history with a social security number, which they used to help them qualify for a loan to buy their first home. For DACA homeowners, their first home purchase was a dream shared by their families, and an important step towards financial stability and building family wealth.

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