Supreme Court Declines to Take Appeal on Home Care Rule; True Victory for Home Care Workers

The Supreme Court has ended the legal battle against the recently won rights of home care workers to critical overtime and minimum wage benefits. On Monday, the high court decided not to hear an appeal from several home care industry … Continue reading

After Decades of Exclusion, Victory for Home Care Workers

Home care work has finally been recognized as real work with federal minimum wage and overtime pay rights. More than two million home care workers—people who care for the sick and disabled in the United States—will now have these critical … Continue reading

Home Care Workers Are One Step Closer to Receiving the Protections They Deserve

By Stephanie Román, Economic Policy Analyst, NCLR Last Friday the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia issued a decision that puts nearly two million home care workers in the United States one step closer to having critical … Continue reading

Home Care Is Real Work That Deserves a Fair Wage

By Stephanie Román, Economic Policy Analyst, NCLR Supporters of the Home Care Rule in front of the Federal Courthouse in Washington, DC at the Home Care Rule press conference. D’Rosa is a home care worker who struggles to make ends … Continue reading

Delaying Fair Pay for Home Care Workers is an Injustice

The Department of Labor (DOL) has sought to improve working conditions for home care workers by implementing a rule that grants these workers minimum wage and overtime protection. When the rule was finalized in September 2013, NCLR and its allies … Continue reading