2017 NCLR Annual Conference Recap: Day Three

The 2017 NCLR Annual Conference wrapped up today and it was a day full of more workshops, an exciting town hall on what’s at stake for the Latino community if deep cuts are made to Medicaid. Take a look at … Continue reading

2017 NCLR Annual Conference Recap: Day Two

Day two of the 2017 NCLR Conference has now wrapped up. It was a day full of truly informative workshops, an inspiring Latinas Brunch and an interesting debate on what is at stake for Latinos in the tax reform debate. … Continue reading

Volunteer at the 2017 NCLR Annual Conference!

Calling all volunteers! If you’re in Phoenix from July 8-10, consider volunteering for the 2017 NCLR Annual Conference, the largest Latino event of the summer. Every year, our Conference brings together some of the nation’s most influential change-makers for discussions … Continue reading

A Preview of the 2017 NCLR Annual Conference Workshops

The 2017 NCLR Annual Conference, which will take place in Phoenix, provides a platform to engage and unite the Latino community. For years, we have proudly exhibited our growth and success during our Conference, representing the largest gathering of the … Continue reading